Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

Yet another antique cut we have fallen in love with over and over. The cushion cut seems to have come back in vogue recently, but it’s actually an old cut that was quite popular between 1830 to 1900. Also known as the Pillow Cut or Candlelight Cut, antique cushion cut diamonds have a special shape and a really nice fire display.

Antique cushions were an evolution of the old miner with a open culet, small table, and high crown as well. They have a squarish or rectangular shape, almost like an oval, but with more obvious soft corners. The large open facets show color quite nicely, and we think the slightly elongated shape is so sophisticated and elegant. A fun shape with a lot of personality, but is still an instant classic. There is no denying the allure of this cut, just take into account the super famous gems that claim its shape like the Hope Diamond and the yellow Tiffany Diamond.

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