While our consignment rates are still among the most competitive in the industry, the fees you pay us buy you a whole lot more than being listed on our website.

With JbyG, you are getting a social media following that is six-figure strong (and growing daily!)​, plus the exposure in many avenues your jewelry and diamonds may not otherwise receive, such as being shown to stylists, bloggers, and industry influencers in trade shows, to the general public in trunk shows, and being "pulled" for media events by industry experts.

Your jewelry and diamonds will also get photographed professionally, and on a model to show proper scale.

In addition, buyers get the added benefit and security of having the items we sell come with third party qualitative reports stating estimated carat weights, color and clarity, metal type, size, and weight, offering them assurance and security with their purchase.

And while we cannot guarantee selling time for your jewels, I can tell you that beautiful, well-priced pieces have sold within minutes of being posted (in some cases, even before they are shown to the public).

Things of note:
If you are in a rush, or have a timeline for selling your jewelry that is less than 6 months, consignment is probably not the right vehicle for you. Please let us know if this is the case, and we will offer you other options.

We do not accept ALL jewels and diamonds sent to us for consignment. We only accept those jewels which we feel confident we are able to sell.

Only shipments with JbyG-issued Merchandise Authorization Numbers will be accepted. Please do not send us your valuables without contacting us prior, as we may not be able to accept them in-house.


Items costing up to $20,000
$750 or 25% of sale price, whichever is greater.

Items costing $20,001 & up
Flat rate of 20% of sale price.

*Fees stated above are inclusive of credit card and bank fees, including the 5% wire transfer
discount offered by JbyG.

Download a copy of our consignment agreement below.