Custom Work Warranty

    We stand behind the products we design and manufacture, and warrant that our custom work is free from any manufacturing defects. If you believe your JbyG custom jewel may have a defect, please contact us for return instructions so that we may inspect the item. If, after our inspection, we find that your jewel does suffer from a manufacturing defect, we will perform all repairs free of charge. Your item will be shipped to you free of charge.

    If it is determined that said defect is not from faulty manufacturing, then we will advise of the cost of repairs before any work is performed. Normal wear and tear in the course of daily or regular wearing of your jewelry is NOT considered a manufacturing defect. Repair fees and return shipping will be billed to you prior to shipping.

    Please note that the above-stated manufacturer's warranty ONLY applies to the jewels we created/manufactured, and NOT the estate, vintage, and antique jewels we sell (which we obviously did not create).


    Lifetime Care Warranty

    Jewelry, like most items of value (like your car, for example) require special care and a regular "maintenance" schedule. This is especially true for vintage and antique jewels, and in particular, diamond rings.

    We suggest doing an at-home cleaning routine, to be done at least every 2 weeks (those instructions are noted here).

    More importantly, we also suggest sending us your jewels for a deep clean, buff and polish and prong check every 6 months. Even if you don't wear your jewels daily, there is always the potential and possibility of damage if you should hit your hand against something hard at just the perfect angle, etc.

    Giving us the opportunity to inspect and make sure your jewel is in tip top shape ensures decades and generations of enjoyment to come. This service is free for all JbyG clients (round trip shipping costs to be borne by clients).

    Conditions and Exclusions

    The foregoing warranties and complimentary are available only to the original buyer from JbyG.

    Any and all repairs, sizings, unmounting/mounting of diamonds or gemstones, or any other service performed by someone other than JbyG voids any warranties previously available.

    There are no warranties offered for damage due to normal wear and tear, or loss stones/pave. Any damage or stone loss due to client's failure to obtain regular maintenance voids the manufacturer's warranty.

    Exclusions NOT considered to be manufacturing defects include:

    1. Tarnishing or discoloration due to exposure to chemicals, hair dyes, make-up, pools, hot tubs or swimming in salt water.
    2. Bent, worn out, or sheared off prongs(s) which then allow a stone to fall out or be lost due to normal wear or other damage.
    3. Lost stone due to chipping or breaking caused by normal wear or other damage.