Looking to build your very own ring?

We would be honored to bring your vision together! We are happy to assist in finding the diamond or gemstone from our collection (even search one for you if we don't have your dream stone).
We are equally delighted to create a bespoke design using your own diamond/gemstone.
Like one of our existing designs? Great! We can make you your own, but with the added bonus of customizing some of the design details (ie. metal, shanks width and style, overall height, etc).
If you have your own design you would like for us to execute, we are happy to discuss it during the initial design meeting (this may be done via Zoom or in person). At said meeting, Grace would go in depth about the design being considered, offering both her thoughts on its execution and/or offer up some adjustments. In cases where we feel we cannot execute the design faithfully and flawlessly, we will advise accordingly and bow out of the project.
After a design is finalized, a 4 -view CAD rendering will be presented to you. These renderings will take into account your stone's exact measurements and your finger size. At this point, we invite you to critique the design carefully and offer any changes you would like to see - adjust prong width, stone height, gallery design, etc. Now is the time to speak up and let us know what you would like to see (or remove from the design). We can review and edit the renderings as many times as you need till we hit it 100%!
Once you approve the CAD rendering, your ring should be ready for pick/up shipping within- 4-5 weeks.

How It Works

1. Choose a diamond or gemstone!

2. Let's work on a design together!

3. Enjoy your Jewels by Grace ring!