Princess Cut Diamonds

This one is fit for all the princesses out there. You guessed it- the princess cut. This is a relatively new cut, and we often don’t get our hands on them at Jewels by Grace, but they are becoming more and more increasingly popular so they deserve a shout out.

Princess cuts are shaped like upside down pyramids. In a ring setting, they appear square with sharp corners, but underneath they have a pavilion not unlike a round brilliant. Princess cuts are considered mixed cuts with 56-58 facets and a lot of light dispersion. It’s roots can be traced back to the Profile Cut (1961), then the Barion Cut (1971), and the Quadrillion Cut (1979).  There was an obvious need in the market for a diamond that dazzled just as much as a round brilliant, but with a square shape, and princess cuts filled that hole quite nicely. During the cutting process, about 80% of the rough is kept while cleaving a princess cut, which is pretty high compared to other options!

Princess cuts are known for the clean and modern style. They have a special sparkle and a little bit of drama that we approve of.

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