Oval Cut Diamonds

If you saw our post about Blake Lively’s engagement ring, you know we are on Team Oval! Oval cut diamonds not only beautifully elongate anyone’s finger, but catch the light in such a dazzling way, we left mesmerized by them more often than not.

Oval diamonds have been around for quite a while, and can be found in vintage jewelry, but the modern standardized Oval Cut wasn’t established until the 1960’s by Lazare Kaplan. It’s a modified brilliant beauty with 58 facets. The ratios of these stunners can vary, and beware of the bow tie effect, but they are the perfect solution for someone who is looking for a ton of sparkle but with a little bit more of a unique shape. Bonus- they have more surface area than that of a round diamond of the same carat weight, so you get the illusion of more for your money!

Overall, ovals are a classic and elegant cut choice. We think they are lively with their fun facet pattern, but  worldly and sophisticated as well.

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