Emerald Cut Diamonds

One of our favorites cuts has to  be the emerald cut. Nothing makes us feel more elegant than a high quality emerald cut diamond with their clean lines and understated simplicity.

The first emerald cut stones date back pretty far into the history of diamond cutting. The term “emerald cut” wasn’t first officially used until the Art Deco era and the cut wasn’t standardized until 1940, but the emerald cut goes way farther back than that. Sometime in the 1500s, cutters evolved the table cut into an early version of what we know as the emerald cut. It was first established as a way of cutting actual emerald stones with less pressure, but the technique was quickly applied to all gemstones. Emerald cuts are rectangular or square, with a large table and deep pavilion. Facets run parallel to the girdle and create the classic step cut illusion and draw the eye inward.

Emerald cuts typical highlight the clarity of the any stone, and richen the color of emeralds, sapphires, and rubies alike. They are a great choice for quality stones and achieving a sophisticated look.


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