Princess Margaret

We love a lady who has a colored gemstone engagement ring, and there seems to be a love for rubies in some royal families. Sarah the Duchess of York and Princess Anne both had ruby beauties, but the one we love the most was the red hued ring of Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden, Sister to Queen Elizabeth, Style Icon, and Papparazzi Headline Maker. After a lot of drama involving the Church of England denying her marriage to a once married man, Princess Margaret’s love life was a constant interest in the media. So when she met a Anthony Armstrong- Jones after sitting for him during a photo shoot, they kept their relationship on the down low for a while. After a while, they gained the Queen’s blessing, and he officially propsed to her with a ring he commissioned from S.J. Phillips for 250 euros. He was inspired by Margaret’s middle name, Rose, and purchased a ring that resembled a rose bud. The cluster ring has a ruby center, with a white diamond halo. 

She wore the ruby stunner to her wedding at Westminster Abbey in 1960. The occasion was the first royal wedding ever broadcast on television, and it did not go unmentioned that this was the first time in four centuries that a “commoner” married a king’s daughter. She wore her engagement ring with a solid gold wedding band made of Welsh gold, a tradition for the British Royal Family.

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