Marilyn Monroe

For a gal that was unapologetically known for musing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, Marilyn Monroe didn’t have some huge rock for an engagement ring (to any of her hubbies). But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have one hell of a stunner.

When Yankee, Joe Dimaggio proposed to Monroe in 1954, it was a spontaneous affair. Even though the two had dated for a couple years prior, it seems like he popped the question out of nowhere since he was sans ring. She said yes, and two days later they had a small ceremony at the courthouse where Joe had another surprise for Marilyn. He slipped a diamond ring on her finger during the civil ceremony. Now it has been proven if that ring was just a lender from a family or friend for the occasion or if it was in fact the ring Monroe wore for the remainder of the marriage, but soon after she was wearing a gorgeous platinum eternity band on her left hand. 

The band is made of 35 baguette cut white diamonds, one of which would later go missing, sadly. We like to imagine they chose this design with purpose. The symbolism of an eternity band for everlasting love is a notion that our romantic hearts pitter patter for. And maybe when that one stone fell out was when their “eternity” ended since their marriage didn’t last long. What did last? Their outspoken love for each other. Upon Monroe’s death, Joe was the one who planned her funeral arrangements, and even sent flowers to her the next twenty years. A forgotten note of Marilyn’s was recently found where she had scribbled, “Your happiness, is my happiness”, addressed to Joe.

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