Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and fiancee Dalton Gomez famously tied the knot in December of 2020, and we thought it would be a fun Wedding Wednesday to dive into this morning.

The two are rumored to have begun dating in January that same year. Their relationship has remained pretty low-key (as low-key as one can manage during quarantine), with the exception of a cameo in Justin Bieber’s music video “Stuck on U” and an IG post here or there. He is a luxury real estate agent in LA, and used to be a dancer - the two are said to have met through mutual friends.

The pearl on the ring has different points of significance to Grande, as many of her fans have speculated.  In 2014, her grandmother gifted her a pearl set on a gold shank, stating it was her grandfather’s tie pin repurposed into a ring, made to help protect her. Also, as a June baby, pearl happens to be Grande’s birthstone. People in the jewelry industry have questioned the choice to include a pearl in the ring as its one of the softer gems available, but we love the stylistic choice and the sentimentality behind it.

The elongated oval appears to be around 5 carats, set askew alongside a pearl on a delicate white gold or platinum shank. As big fans of the non-traditional route, we adore Grande’s ring and wish nothing but happiness for the newly engaged couple!

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