Vintage "In Domino Confido" Gold Money Clip, by Tiffany & Co.


"In domino confido" is a Latin phrase that translates to "I trust in the Lord" in English. It's been used for centuries as a source of strength and faith, particularly in religious contexts. You'll often find it inscribed on coats of arms, crests, and even as a motto for various organizations. It's got that timeless vibe, reminding us to keep the faith and trust in something greater, no matter what life throws our way. So, next time you see it, remember, it's all about that unwavering trust and belief in the bigger picture.  

This beautiful and unique money clip is from Tiffany & Co, elegant and uniquely styled.   And the  best part?  You can even use it as a pendant, strung on a longer chain (it'll be so cool!).  Stamped.

14kt yellow gold

13.8 grams

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