Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Before the 1700s, table and point cut diamonds were the most popular choice, but they had one major downfall. The sharp corners of these two styles were weak spots causing them to sometimes break. The Indian diamonds mines were running a little dry, so instead of continuing to buy new stones, people were having their existing ones recut. To avoid the sharp corner breakage factor, a new cut emerged, one with soft corners and slightly square shape. This cut was called the Old Mine Cut, and was extremely loved in 18th century Europe.


Old Mine Cuts have a small table, high crown, and open culet. What makes them so unusual and recognizable is their slightly curved outline- not quite square, not quite round, but somewhere in between. These diamonds were still cut by hand, which was very technical and extremely laborious, so they have a natural feel and can vary widely between each other. We adore old miners because it seems like you can have the best of both worlds with it. Round or square, you can have it your way.

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