Modern Round Cut Diamonds

It seems as though centuries of life long dedication from diamond cutters all cumulated into one ultimate product- the modern round brilliant cut. There has been constant evolution since the 1700’s of round shaped diamonds, always trying to achieve the perfect radiance, and they might just have nailed it with the modern brilliant.

While we, at Jewels by Grace, have a soft spot for antique cuts and their one of a kind glow, there is no denying the perfectness of a modern round brilliant diamond. Cutting diamonds to specific proportions had been done for quite some time, but in 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky established precise mathematical calculations that standardized what Henry Morse had accomplished a few decades earlier. This equation officialized the brilliant cut and gave us the max sparkle we associate with the cut today.

Modern Round Brilliants have 58 facets with a large table, a pointed culet, and long facets. They posses incredible fire, and for this reason about 75% of all diamonds are cut with brilliant faceting. We think of it as the crescendo of diamonds cuts.

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