French Cut Diamonds

We are self described Francophiles, and maybe that’s why we love French Cut stones. They are just like French fashion- simple, sleek, and sophisticated. And why French Cuts weren’t technically invented in France, no one loved them more than the French.

French cut stones could possibly date back all the way to the 1400’s as it’s easy to see that they developed from table cuts. They gained a ton of popularity with nobility during the 17th century and then again in the 1920’s. French cut stones are one of those that we immediately recognize as Art Deco. They are squarish in shape, with an unmistakable cross or four pointed star illusion across the surface. Nine crown facets create this image and the geometric outcome was perfectly suited for Art Deco straight line bracelets and eternity bands.

The French Cut is usually reserved for smaller carat stones but we love how they look set against each other for a modern, polished look. Tres Chic indeed.

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