Asscher Cut Diamonds

In 1902, there was a expert named Joseph Asscher who was a third generation diamond cutter in Holland. He worked with emerald cuts often but saw a potential to reinvent and enhance the brilliance of the seemingly simple cut. What he produced was the first ever Asscher Cut, a cut that immediately was recognized for its innovation and beauty.

The Asscher Cut is a square cut with cropped corners making it octagonal. It has large step facets, a high crown, and a smaller table than an emerald, with 58 facets creating intense light reflection. We think the coolest thing about asscher cuts are the concentric squares you see when you look into the diamond from above. A hall of mirrors that dances in the light.

The Asscher Cut was super popular in the Art Deco era, and it’s easy to see why. Not only was it a new and exciting option, but the parallel lines and super geometrical shape suited the style of the 1920s perfectly. We’re loving the resurgence of this vintage cut, and the scintillating pieces they star in.

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