Vintage ID Chain Bracelet, by David Webb

$8,093.75 $8,750

David Webb was a renowned American jeweler known for his distinctive and intricate jewelry designs. Born in 1925, he gained recognition for his unique and bold creations that often incorporated vibrant gemstones and intricate enamel work. Webb's jewelry pieces were favored by many celebrities and socialites, including Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Doris Duke, among others.

Webb's style was influenced by a combination of classical and exotic elements, featuring animal motifs, vibrant colors, and a sense of whimsy. His craftsmanship and attention to detail set his pieces apart in the world of fine jewelry. He founded the David Webb company in 1948, and it continues to produce exquisite jewelry designs even after his death in 1975.

Today, David Webb's creations are considered timeless works of art and remain highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts for their distinctiveness and beauty. His legacy endures in the world of high-end jewelry design.

This ID/name plate bracelet is iconic in its styling, with a soft brushed finish - perfect for engraving initials, a name, a message, or even a date. The links have a soft textured finish for a perfect contrast against the clean lines of the name plate. A rare collectible! 18kt yellow gold.

Measures 8" in length (may be adjusted to length upon purchase). ID or name plate is approx 1.75" in length.

35.2 grams.

The PERFECT gender-neutral jewel!

Please see qualitative report for more information. 

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